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The shear number of platforms available for virtual sessions, trainings, meetings and events can be overwhelming. Not to mention the specific engagement tools each of these applications include can feel impossible to understand. Don’t feel like you have to tackle that all on your own. At Elevated Virtual staying up to date on the latest platform updates and trends related to virtual events is a major priority.

One way to be a Super Start Presenter is to better understand the platform on which you are presenting. Jake provides consulting on which platform is the best for your style of presenting or teaching, as well as training on how to present professionally by utilizing the specific engagement tools available.

Consulting and traininG available for:

  • Zoom

  • Adobe Connect

  • Google Meet

  • GoToMeeting

  • Teams

  • WebEx

  • BlueJeans

  • and many more…

Consulting and training is tailored to your end goals as a Presenter. Are you looking to present a business idea? Are you looking to train participants on a specific process? Do you want audio and video interaction? Are you looking to produce a webinar you can share with existing clients or use to help generate leads? These are just a few of the many goals you may have for using a virtual event.

Jake works with you to make sure you feel comfortable and confident going into your presentation, with understanding of the platform and the engagement tools available. This will provide your participants with an experience they will share with their coworkers and friends. Increasing interest and growing the attendance of your future events.