Virtual conferences

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Virtual Conferences can be a great way to bring together like minded individuals to reach a large audience. They can be single day events or over multiple days. Elevated Virtual works with businesses and individuals to help plan and support Virtual Conferences.

Conferences can be run with a single session with multiple speakers or presenters or can be built out to have multiple tracks and multiple rooms. While the logistics can sometimes seem overwhelming, Jake can provide insight from his experience with conferences to make sure it all runs smooth. From working with speakers or presenters to make sure they are comfortable on the platform, to managing multiple Virtual Producers to make sure they are providing the required support throughout the event, to planning out and building engagement procedures so participants thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Having a well thought out plan and executing on that plan is what makes a Virtual Conference successful. Don’t try to juggle all the moving parts yourself, especially the technical support portions. Let Jake from Elevated Virtual provide the expertise to create an exciting and memorable event. Your participants will be grateful!