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Elevated Virtual was founded on the basis of helping presenters with all of the technology headaches that can pop up before and during a virtual event. It can be overwhelming trying to juggle all of the stuff related to having a successful virtual session, training, meeting or event. This can cause you to look unprepared and cause you to stumble through your presentation or training, no matter how prepared you think you are. Why put all that added pressure on yourself?

Jake has worked with a variety of Presenters to provide the technical support they require during their session. Allowing them to focus on their skillset and provide their participants with a top tier, professional experience during their virtual session.

A Virtual Producer is responsible for:

  • Preparing the presenter to make sure they look good and sound good with excellent audio and video
  • Provide assistance to participants who may be having trouble logging in, making sure their video works and making sure their audio is connected
  • Monitoring chat for questions and comments related to the topic at hand
  • Participation during presentation exercises where the Presenter may need to demonstrate something
  • Creation and launching of Break Out groups or rooms
  • Creation and launching of Polls
  • Slide deck management during a session
  • Post session debrief to help the Presenter fine tune their skills

There is no reason to try to juggle it all yourself. Having a Virtual Producer there is a wonderful safety net you will be glad you have in place. It will boost your confidence and in turn boost the quality of your virtual session.