Virtual producer training

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The need for Virtual Producers grew at a staggering rate during 2020 and continues to be a vital service for businesses and individuals. With virtual being one of the easiest ways to reach an audience more and more businesses and individuals have turned to virtual sessions as a way to present ideas, new products and services, as well as provide training on a large variety of topics. Having the support of a Virtual Producer can help it all run smoothly.

Training to be a Virtual Producer for your employer or for your own business can be a valuable skill. Jake believes every business that conducts internal virtual meetings should have someone on their staff that is trained as a Virtual Producer. So they have an individual who is versed in the technology and can keep the meetings running smoothly. Eliminating wasted time due to technology issues. Plus provide support to facilitators so they can get the most out of their meetings, trainings or other virtual sessions.

There is also ample opportunity for an individual to provide Virtual Producer services to business leaders, corporate trainers, coaches, corporate boards, etc. Learn the ins and outs on how to be an effective Virtual Producer from an individual who has work with a large variety of individuals and businesses to produce upwards of 300 sessions, just in the last year.