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Jake Van Ness

Owner and Virtual Producer at
Elevated Virtual

Special Deal for Limited Time

Special Deal for Limited Time

** Only Available for Next 15 Minutes! **

Virtual Training Presentation
Template for Canva

52 presentation slides created in Canva for easy customization. Including slides specifically formatted for Virtual Training, Meetings and Sessions. Elements such as participant agreements, engagement tools, breakout rooms, polls, breaks, and so much more!

Limited Time Offer: $29* (Regularly $79)

* Includes Bonus Video ($99 value) on how to organize your template in Canva for easy access and customization.


Having a virtual producer for an important meeting or event is like having a ship’s captain in stormy seas. Jake Van Ness, as a Virtual Producer, ensures your meetings are set up for success and conducted effectively. He’s calm under pressure. He’s resourceful and a great problem solver. He also has a great virtual presence when interacting with my clients. I’m proud to have him represent me.


Principal, O'Neill Leadership